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Online resources for talking to your kids about life's most challenging topics.

You want to be able to talk to your kids about anything. In order to do that, you need the courage to navigate challenging topics, too.

We believe there should be a place where you can gain the confidence and competence you need to have these conversations.

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About us.

Hey, we’re Shane and Nikki. We’re both parents to four kids and love it (almost all the time). We’ve realized how desperate parents are to do the best by their kids. Sometimes we find ourselves in moments or situations that scare us or catch us off guard. Out of our desire to see parents flourish we created helpful, practical, and shame-free courses to prepare you for some of the most challenging moments parenting can throw your way.
Shane Fuller & Nikki Pauli
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Sex Talk

Your kids are learning and talking about sex with or without you. Prepare yourself to talk about sex - not just to have the sex talk - over and over again with your kids.
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Watching your child grapple with anxiety is heart-breaking and often causes you to feel helpless. Learn how to be full of confidence and competence for them.
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Video Games

Video games are something every parent has to figure out. Confidently navigate the role you want video games to play in your home.
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Become the most reliable asset your son or daughter has to guard against the effects of pornography in their life.
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What parents are saying.

Having tough conversations with our kids isn't easy, but because of the lessons we're learning through Preparing Parents, we're building the family dynamic we've always wanted. 

- Tony & Jamie

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Gain confidence and competence.

If you feel unprepared to help your kids navigate the ever-evolving landscape of issues they’ll face, or you’re afraid you don’t have what it takes, we can help.


The curriculum for these courses was designed for you by actual certified counselors who are also parents.


The strategies you’ll learn in these courses are applicable to everyone no matter your personal values or beliefs.


Our courses are designed to address current hot topics, but also to empower you to engage deeper with your kids in general.

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Download our "Building Family Values" PDF as a first step. It will give you some great, actionable tips right now for creating family values, and also get you set up with our email series, which was crafted for parents just like you.
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