Video Games Course.

Video games don't have to be a touchy subject in your home. We're here to help.

An online course to help turn gaming tension into parenting wins.
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Specifics covered in this course.

All of our courses are developed with a parent's busy schedule in mind.

This Video Games Course will take you less than 30 minutes to watch, and you'll come away with practical lessons on the following topics:

The current landscape of gaming

How gaming can uphold and cultivate your family values

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Ways to improve your relationships with your family

How to set your family-specific limits

Education on video game ratings, content of certain games, and how to find out more about any game your kid is playing or wants to play

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“But what if we’ve lost all control of video games in our house?!”

In our experience, things rarely, if ever, are too far gone. There is always something you can change as a parent.

“Yeah, but can’t we just avoid the whole video games thing forever?”

Like it or not, gaming isn’t going away. Let’s get you prepared.
We know making decisions about video games isn’t easy and we’re here to help.

The fact that you’re even considering this course tells us you’re a good parent who wants what is best for your kid.

We see you!

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Our Video Games Course will:

Reduce fights about gaming  •  Lower your anxiety about your kids and gaming  •  Help you think through what gaming could look like in your home • Give you confidence to talk about gaming  •  Provide you with practical tools  •  Allow you to see gaming in a different light  •  Lessen the tension about video games in your home  •  Show you new ways to connect with your kids

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Pornography Course

Become the most reliable asset your son or daughter has to guard against the effects of pornography in their life.
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As parents, we understand. We both have four children. We know what it's like to deal with video game tension in the home. This is why we harnessed our expertise and experience as counselors to create this Video Games course.
Shane Fuller & Nikki Pauli

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