Grief Course.

Grief can be devastating. Most of the time, it feels like an unending process. You don’t have to do this alone. We can get you prepared.

This course is designed to efficiently walk you through how to equip yourself and your kid to journey through grief as healthy as possible.

Specifics covered in this course.

Every parent who has walked through family grief knows trying to balance your own grief and being there for everyone else is impossible.

We know different families will handle grief differently. Also, no one person’s grief is the same. You’re the one who knows your kid best, not us. Our course is designed to efficiently and effectively walk you through how to equip yourself and your kid to journey through grief as healthy as possible. Topics covered in this course include:

Tips for helping a grieving child

Creative ways to cultivate connection with your grieving family

Grief through developmental stages

When and why to seek professional support

How to grieve as a family

Practical tools in case you’re grieving too

Helping you let go of any pressure you’ve been feeling to make things better

“Is this normal? Do other kids and families grieve this way?”

Grief can express itself in so many different ways depending on the developmental age and stage of your kid, the context of their grief, their own personality, and much more.

Although grief comes in all shapes and sizes, our course was created with death or tragedy in mind.

Whether your kid is grieving or your entire family is, this course is for you.

Instead of trying to solve or fix or speed up our kid’s grief, let's start believing they can handle it. The hard truth is, most of the time, kids are actually more true to their grief journey than us adults are. Rather than making their grief go away, we want to equip you to walk alongside them in their grief as a guide and co-sufferer.

If your kid, you, or even your whole family is grieving, we want you to know:

We see you.
We support you.
We believe in you.

We think every parent has what it takes to navigate challenging topics for their family. It’s just that sometimes we need a boost of confidence and confidence to take action. We’ve got you. We believe in you. We’ll prepare you.

You’re not the only parent (trust us!) who is struggling to figure out what to do next as it relates to family grief. We’re here to give you evidence-based, shame-free help.

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Our Grief Course will:

Help you feel supported and seen  •  Help you to understand your kid’s grief  •  Help you let go of the pressure you’ve been feeling to make things better  •  Get you practical and actionable steps to help your grieving family  •  Give you confidence to continue this incredibly difficult journey  •  Provide you with practical tools in case you’re grieving too

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As parents and as therapists, we understand. Grief is something we've both had to learn how to navigate, with our families and with our clients. This is why we harnessed our expertise and experience as counselors to create this Grief course.
Shane Fuller & Nikki Pauli

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